1. Dial your own VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) number.

  2. Enter your password and press #. Default password: First 2 digits and last 2 digits of the VoIP number)

  3. Follow the prompts to retrieve voice mail, change profile settings, record greetings, etc.

Please dial 125-101 from your landline. If this doesn't work, you may try dialing 96. If you are required to input a pin, please try the last 4-6 digits of your home phone number.

Set Up

Your home phone should be connected anywhere up to 5 business days after your NBN becomes active. You will receive updates via SMS.

Enable the Call Waiting feature on your home phone by dialing *43 # (if this doesn't work please try #44 ). To disable the Call Waiting feature dial #43#

Plans & Rates

For mobile, you will be charged for 1300 numbers if you have exceeded your included quota for calls included in the plan value. Standard charges for 1300/13 number calls are 44c per call. For Home phone and VoIP, 13/1300 calls are not included within any of our plans. 1300/13 number calls are charged at 44c per call.

Changing your plan in the middle of your billing period will result in pro-rater charges on your next invoice. Any amount you’ve paid in advance for your current plan will be credited back to your account, and you’ll be invoiced for that time at the rate for your new plan instead.


You could have a line issue, faulty modem or it could even be an internal wiring issue. Head over to our Do It Yourself 'I have no dial tone' troubleshooting page and follow the simple steps to fix your issue or report a fault.

Line noise can be anything from that loud static to the irritating hum or horrible buzzing you hear on your phone line. Head over to our Do It Yourself 'Troubleshooting Noise, Static or Interference' page and follow the simple steps to fix your issue or report a fault.

Our Faults team will attempt to contact you when updates become available. To enquire on any updates please contact us via live chat.

Click here to proceed to troubleshoot your Wifi issues.


Once your NBN is connected, you'll need to connect your telephone to the modem. For information and help in setting up your VoIP service, head over to our 'Setup a New Fibre VoIP Connection' pages, or click 'chat now' and we'll be happy to help.