Kaon DG2144

Free Wi-Fi 6 modem with all our internet plans*

*When you stay connected with us for 18 months. 

A Kaon DG2144 modem
A front and back view of the Kaon DG2144 modem.

Introducing the Kaon DG2144 Modem

All our internet plans include a free Kaon Wi-Fi 6 modem (when you stay for 18 months) and is compatible with all our nbn®, Opticomm and Redtrain plans, across all connection types.

The Kaon modem features “plug and play” functionality and is auto-configured to your service, for seamless and easy activation.

Being a Wi-Fi 6 modem, the Kaon DG2144 has the capability to support a greater number of devices concurrently, delivering higher data rates compared to Wi-Fi 5. This supports an enhanced experience for activities such as streaming, gaming, and remote work.


Next-gen connectivity for today

Faster and more reliable
Fast, reliable speeds

Experience high-speed internet with a transmission rate of more than a Gigabit per second.

Fast, reliable internet
Advanced performance and efficiency

Experience a more optimised Wi-Fi signal, ensuring a consistently strong and stable connection around the home.

Easy 'Plug & Play' setup

The modem is delivered to your door all set up for simple DIY installation.

Kaon DG2144 Modem

  • Wi-Fi 11ax 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Supports WiFi Speeds up to 4.8Gbps
  • Supports VoIP Connection
  • Free Delivery

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Things you need to know about our Kaon Modem

Wi-Fi 6 modems are backwards compatible with Wi-Fi 5 and older Wi-Fi devices in your home. 
You may not experience the same level of Wi-Fi speeds and coverage on those non-Wi-Fi 6 connected devices as you will with your Wi-Fi 6 certified devices.  Many new smart devices are moving to Wi-Fi 6 certification.  

We will ship your modem to your nominated address via StarTrack at no cost to you. You’ll receive an SMS with the tracking information once the modem has been shipped.

Our Kaon DG2144 modem is compatible with all our nbn®, Opticomm and Redtrain plans, across all connection types.

If you have received your Kaon modem, refer to our Kaon Modem Setup Guide for advice on how to setup your modem.

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