Home phone

Everything you need to know about your home phone with us

Your home phone will connect around five business days after your internet is activated. We’ll keep you updated via SMS.

When you've connected to the nbn™, your phone line will connect through the nbn™ too. Plug your phone line straight into the back of your modem for it to work.

Dial *43# from your home phone to activate the call waiting feature.

Dial #43# from your home phone to disable the call waiting feature.

13/1300 calls are not included in all of our plans. Calls to 13/1300 numbers are 44c per call if not included in your plan.

  • Dial your phone number
  • Enter your password and press
  • Follow the prompts to access your voicemail and the voicemail menu

Please dial 125-101 from your home phone. If this doesn't work, try dialling 96. If you’re asked to input a pin, try the last 4-6 digits of your home phone number.


You could have a line issue, faulty modem or it could even be an internal wiring issue. Head over to our DIY 'I have no dial tone' troubleshooting page and follow the steps to fix your issue or report a fault.

Head over to our DIY 'Troubleshooting Noise, Static or Interference' page and follow the simple steps to fix your issue or report a fault.

We’ll contact you when we have an update available. You can also follow up by getting in touch on live chat.