Wifi Slow Speeds

If you are experiencing slow speeds or connection issues with your WiFi it may be the quality of your wireless connection.

The performance of your WiFi can be affected by, but is not limited to:

  • Distance from Access Point (Modem / Router)
  • Thick Walls
  • Electrical Appliances

The ideal way of confirming if your issue is with the WiFi connection is to compare results via WiFi and Ethernet.

How Do I Test My WiFi?

Before we perform Ethernet testing we will want to know what speed you are getting over WiFi.

When running a speed test it is important that your computer is the only one on the network, and that there are no programs or downloading running in the background as these share the connection and will give slower and less accurate results.

After using the link below please note the Download, Upload and Ping results.

E.G. Download: 3.68mbps, Upload: 0.45mbps, Ping: 65ms

A speed test can be run from the following website


Now that we have the speed results for WiFi we can proceed to testing the speed via Ethernet.

Using the same computer/laptop connect via an Ethernet cable to your router.

Please repeat the speed test a second time and note the Download, Upload, and Ping results.

E.G. Download: 5.6mbps, Upload: 0.55mbps, Ping: 45ms

If your speed test results (WiFi / Ethernet) were almost identical your WiFi connection quality is as good as a physical connection. (ie, no WiFi related issues)

If your speed test results (WiFi / Ethernet) were quite different further WiFi troubleshooting needs to be completed.

Further WiFi Troubleshooting

If your internet speeds on the same device are greater on an Ethernet connection then they are on a WiFi connection, completing the below steps may improve the WiFi.

  • Move Closer to the Access Point
  • Change the WiFi Channel
  • Try a Second Device (Smart Phone / Laptop)