Unable to Join a Network

If you are unable to join your WiFi network we will need to perform a few troubleshooting steps to determine the cause of this issue.

What you will need

To complete this guide to will need:

    • Wireless Network Name (SSID)
    • Wireless Network Password (Commonly WPA2-PSK Passphrase)


If you are unsure of your Network Name or Password please see the Hardware Setup Guides for assistance with WiFI setup

Check Your Modem Lights

It is important to first check your modem to confirm you have a WLAN/Wireless/WiFi light on. If this light is off, the WiFi may not be working with your modem. Hardware Setup Guides

If the Wireless light is on, move to the next step

Is your Network Visible?

When searching for your wireless network, are you able to see your SSID in the network list?

If you can see your network, attempt to connect to it. It should request your network password.

Enter your Network Password to connect.

If you receive an error when connecting to your network it is recommended to try an alternate device such as

  • Laptop
  • Smart Phone or Tablet
  • Gaming Console

If you get an error on all devices trying to connect to your WiFi you may have the incorrect Network or Password.

Please see the Hardware Setup Guide for further assistance