Netcomm NP805n Quick Setup

Configure Netcomm NP805N for Fibre Internet Connection


Cable configuration

WAN Port – This port needs to connect to your Internet Connection. (NOTE: For NBN Co customer this will connect to the NTD)

LAN 1 - LAN 4 – To configure this device you must connect the router to your computer for the setup.


Once the Netcomm NP805n is powered on, through your internet browser connect to


Username: admin

Password: admin


After the login screen, click on “Yes, let’s get started with the wizard”


Under WAN type select PPP over Ethernet


Input your username and password


Password: iPrimus Password


Once complete click Next


On this page we can modify the WiFi settings.

If you would like WiFi on your modem leave the 2 tick boxes

SSID Broadcast Name:This is the publicly broadcast name of the network. Label this anything.


Once complete click Next



Step 3 is used to setup a WiFi password

Security Key Type: iPrimus recommends using “WPA2-PSK” security.

Security Key: This is the password for your WiFi Network. Change this to a password you know (minimum 8 characters long)


Once complete click Next




Step 4 is used to change the login details of the router.

These settings are separate from your iPrimus details.

Primus recommend to leave these settings default

Username: admin

Password: admin


Once complete click Next



Step 5 is to confirm all your settings.

After reviewing the information, click on Finish



Your router will reboot with the new settings configured.


Once the WAN light comes on solid green, you will be able to browse the internet.


If the WAN light does not come on and your internet service has been provisioned, contact Technical Support.