Netcomm NB6Plus4W Quick Setup

This page is targeted towards the NetComm NB6+4W modem with Primus firmware for an ADSL connection
This modem will automatically configure itself when connected to an ADSL provisioned line.

Modem Ports


Important Lights for Setup

[A] – WLAN – Indicates WiFi signal is broadcasted
[B] – USB – Indicates USB connectivity
[C] – 1-4 – Indicates Ethernet Connectivity
[D] – PPP – Signifies a connection to the Internet
[E] – ADSL – Signifies connection to the ADSL Exchange
[F] – Power – Signifies modemis powered On


Connecting your ADSL Modem

1. Connect ADSL Line filters to all Telephone devices in use in the house.
2. Connect Phone Cable from the Line port on the modem to your ADSL Filter
3. Connect Yellow Ethernet cable provided to your Computers Ethernet port
4. Connect Power cable to the Power port on the back of the modem and then into your Wall Power Outlet
5. Press the Power Switch on the back of the modem to power on the modem.
6. Wait 10-30 minutes for the Modem to automatically configure itself.


Quick Modem Details

Username: admin
Password admin

As this modem automatically configures itself there is no need to manually configure the device.