What is a Fibre Disconnection or Dropout?

Fibre dropouts are when your ONT/NTD loses synchronisation with the Fibre Optic exchange and reconnected shortly after.

A dropout is shown on your ONT when the optical light turns off or turns Red. The light should come back on green shortly after.

This type of fault can happen very frequently (every few minutes) or very rarely (once very few days).

Fibre optic services should rarely if ever dropout. This is due to the way the technology works. It is more likely to have no connection than a dropout fault.

There is a few common causes a dropout on fibre services.

  • WiFi Dropouts
  • Router Issues
  • Faulty Ethernet Cable
  • Fibre Optic Fault

We will need to try and narrow down which of these is the cause by following the steps below.


WiFi Dropouts

Some dropouts are not caused by the fibre signal, and could be related to the WiFi connection to your router.

The best way to identify a WiFi dropout is to check if your connection status icon changes to a disconnected state.

Below are some examples of WiFi Connected and Not Connected.

Example: WiFi Connected

Some description Some description

Example: WiFi Not Connected

Some description Some description


If the WiFi Connection appears to be the source of the dropout issue there is more information available in the WiFi Troubleshooting Guide


Contact iPrimus

If after all these steps you are still unable to connect to the internet, or need to confirm your username and password, contact iPrimus Technical Support on 1300 85 11 85 and we will investigate this issue further.