Moving House Frequently Asked Questions

Call one of our friendly consultants on 1300 85 44 85, Monday to Friday between 9:00am – 6:00pm.

We recommend that you contact us a couple of weeks before you move house to ensure that all available services at your new address are reconnected and ready to go before you move.

You must provide us either the LOT number/plan number/property name or the street address of the new premise in order for us to connect your service.

If you are moving to a home that has been recently occupied, usually there is an existing home phone line that we can connect to. In most of the time no technician is required. However, due to certain circumstances a technician may be required to reconnect your service.

If you move into a newly built or renovated house, please make sure that lead in cable is completed and if they have sockets and dial tone in their new house. If the lead in cable is not completed, you may have to organise the installation with your contractor or a Telstra approved contractor will need to contact you to discuss your installation and it might take up to 4 weeks to complete.

Between 2 to 10 working days for your phone line, depending on the infrastructure at you property and the area your in. Please note that if you move in to a newly built home without any phone line installed, it may take up to 15 working days to install the phone line. Your Broadband service will be connected 7-10 working days after your phone line is connected, depends on the networks infrastructure at the new premise.

If technician is required at the new premise, we will send you an SMS or a recorded message to the number you provide in the Moving House Form, a date and 4 hour time block of when the technician will visit the new premise.

Someone over the age of 18 (you need to provide contact person and contact number for the authorise person on the Moving House form) must be at the premises to allow the Technician access to the property at the commencement of the appointment window and must also be in attendance for the duration of the appointment period. They should be authorised by the legal lessee to direct the Telstra Technician to the existing phone socket (or in new properties where a phone socket is wanted) and should be authorised to sign off on any additional charges that may be required.

Wherever possible we would like you to keep your existing number, however there may be a number of factors that could mean that a new number is required at your new address. You’ll have the option to redirect your current home phone number to your new number at a fee.

The fee for relocation or re-connection will be charged depending on the type of relocation taking place:

Relocation / Re-Connection fees
Relocation TypeFee
Home phone Only - When an existing exchange line is in place and no work required at your new premise $59.00
Home phone Only - When new or additional line is required at your new premises $299.00
Broadband Only $90.00
Broadband and Home Phone - When an existing exchange line is in place and no work required at your new premises $149.00
Broadband and Home Phone - When new or additional line is required at your new premises $389.00

A $120 (for telephony service) or $300 (for broadband service) pro-rated early termination fee over the remaining months of your contract may also apply on top of this fee.

Wherever possible we will try to keep you current plan to your new home. However, this will be determined by the serviceability at your new premise. iPrimus plans may not be available in all areas. We will notify you accordingly and endeavour to provide alternatives.

If you are thinking changing your current plan or adding new service, this is a good time too. Let us know and we can discuss this with you and ensure that we will give you the best we could.

Yes, we will contact you either via SMS or voice recorded message to your landline during the relocation process. 1. When the order is received and has been placed; 2. When the reconnection date has been confirmed; and 3. When the reconnection process has been completed.

You may also contact 1300 85 44 85 if you need to speak with one of our consultants if you have any further queries.