Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) nbn™ Technology

Your preparation guide for HFC nbn™ technology

  • Your nbn™ Connection Box:

    Your nbn™ Connection Box is to be located inside your home based on these requirements:

      Your nbn™ connection box will be located close to your existing wall outlet inside your premises, as well as a power point. If you have more than one wall outlet, ask your nbn™ approved installer which one is suitable for connecting your nbn™ connection box..

      If you don’t have an existing wall outlet, you should consult your nbn™ approved installer and use the checklist on the right when considering the best location for your nbn™ supplied equipment.

      Your nbn™ connection box should only be installed in a location that you are comfortable with. If your preferred location is unsuitable, your nbn™ approved installer will explain this to you, and help you choose an alternative.

      If you are not satisfied with where or how your box is being installed, please call us before signing off the work.


  • Your Checklist for Connection:

    Device check

      I have checked with my device provider and my service provider that any devices I rely on, such as medical alarms, EFTPOS and security alarms etc will work on the new nbn™ network.


      I’ve arranged for myself (or an authorised representative over 18) to be present for the whole installation.


      I have my landlord’s consent for the installation (if required).


      I understand that a standard installation might take up to eight hours

    Activation time

      I understand that it may take up to 24 hours for my service to become active following modem set-up. Also that there may be an interruption to my internet connection during this time.


      I’ve considered the safety issues as to where my nbn™ supplied equipment will be located on my premises.


      I have registered my medical and fire alarms with nbn Co.


Want more details? Download your full nbn™ Preparation Guide