Fixed Wireless (FW) nbn™ Technology

Your preparation guide for Fixed Wireless nbn™ technology

  • Your nbn™ Connection Box:

    Your nbn™ Connection Box is to be located inside your home based on these requirements:

      Near an accessible power point.

      In a cool, dry, ventilated area.

      Away from busy areas where it may be knocked and damaged.

      Away from bedrooms, as the connected modem can flash brightly and disturb sleep.

      Near your existing landline phone or network cabling.


  • Your Checklist for Connection:

    Installation approval

      I have my landlord’s approval for installation (if needed) and am approved for installation at my heritage-listed premises (if applicable).

    Connection date

      iPrimus has informed me of my connection date and I understand that I (or an authorised representative over 18) need to be present for the appointment.

    Equipment location

      I have considered locations for my nbn™ supplied equipment.

    Safety-critical equipment

      I understand that important equipment connected over the nbn™ Fixed Wireless network won’t work during a power blackout and have registered this equipment online at

    Activation time

      I understand that it may take up to 24 hours for my service to become active following modem set-up. Also that there may be an interruption to my internet connection during this time.

      I understand that each installation appointment may take over 5 hours.


Want more details? Download your full nbn™ Preparation Guide