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Fibre to the Basement (FTTB) nbn™ Technology

Your preparation guide for FTTB

About Your nbn™ Modem:

Your nbn™ network preparation is minimal as the nbn™ connects to your existing telephone socket.

  • Simply set up your nbn-compatible modem using the instructions provided to you.
  • The modem will connect to just one of your existing telephone wall sockets, and your phone into the back of the modem, make sure this is in a position that makes it easy for you to access.  

Your Checklist for Connection:

Connection date:

 I have been informed of my connection date and have confirmed with iPrimus whether I need to be home for the appointment.


 I have received a new nbn-ready modem from iPrimus.

Equipment check:

 I have checked with my device provider and my service providers that any devices I rely on, such as an EFTPOS machine, medical and security alarms etc will work over the nbn™ network.

 I understand that my current telephone socket will no longer support my landline/ home phone service once the switch to the nbn™ network is complete and that I will be using my home phone via the modem, once iPrimus confirms activation of my service.

Building Manager:

 I have checked with my Building Manager that they will be available to allow the nbn™ approved technician access to the communications room, and if any special requirements exist for my building.

Activation time

 I understand that it may take up to 24 hours for my service to become active following modem set-up. Also that there may be an interruption to my internet connection during this time.


Want more details? Download your full nbn™ Preparation Guide

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