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Local & National Calls

Call Rates

Local Call: 20c untimed
National/Interstate Call: 20c per call
Australian Mobile Calls: 36c Per Minute
Cost of standard 2 min call to Australian Mobiles: $1.17
13/1300 Calls: 44c Per Call
Flag Fall: 45c

Special Service call rates

Service Type Cost
1221 Free
(international fault reporting)  
1222 Free
(call cost information)  
1223 40c per call
(directory assistance)  
1225 $1.50 per call
(international directory assistance)  
1100 25c per call
(dial before you dig)  
12454 65c per call (book wake up call)
(wake up & reminder)  
12454 $1.67 per call (receive wake up call)
(wake up & reminder)  
1194 40c per call
(time service)  
1196 40c per call
(weather service)  
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