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Static IP & CGNAT

What is CGNAT?

Carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT) is a technology used to allow multiple services to share a single public IP address. This means your service will be assigned a private IP address instead of a unique public IP address. Our network will then translate your traffic to a shared public address allowing you access to the Internet.

There are some service which may not work with CGNAT. There may include:

Servers: Web Servers, Email Servers and File servers

Home Utilities: Security Cameras , Security Systems and home automation that requires external access

Remote Access: Access to computers or devices located at your address remotely

Will CGNAT affect my Service?

From April 2023, all new iPrimus internet service will use CGNAT.

Most customers will not experience any change in the way their service works, however if you are experiencing issues, please contact our Customer Service team on 131 789 to discuss options.

If you have purchased a Static IP address, your service will continue to have a consistent external IP address and not be affected by the CGNAT rollout.

What should I do if I'm experiencing issues with CGNAT?

From April 2023, all new iPrimus internet service will use CGNAT.

If you believe CGNAT is affecting an application you use on your internet service, please call our Customer Service team on 131 789. They will be able to opt you out of the CGNAT. By opting out of CGNAT we will provide you a dynamic public IP address which will change over time. 

Purchasing a Static IP address will opt you out of CGNAT by default and we will provide you a fixed public address assigned to your service. A Static IP address costs $5 per month.

What is a Static IP?

A Static IP address is a fixed public address assigned to your service. The IP address will remain the same as long as you keep the feature on your account. Static IP addresses are commonly used in situations where it is important to have a consistent address, such as for a mail server or security camera.

We offer Static IP addresses as an optional add on to our Internet services for $5 per month. This feature can be added to an existing service via ToolBox or by calling our customer service team on 131 789.

Will my Static IP address be affected by CGNAT?

No, your service will not be affected by CGNAT if you have chosen to purchase a Static IP address.

Why might I need a Static IP:

A few reasons you may want a Static IP are:

  • You remotely connect to your home PC from work.
  • You may have a program, web application or a requirement from your employer to have a Static IP address.
  • You want to host your own gaming server.
  • You want to host your own mail server.
  • You want remote access to your broadband router or modem.

How can I check my Static IP?

You can check your Static IP address in Toolbox, on the Enable Static IP page or websites like

How will Static IP impact the Network firewall?

You’ll need to manage your home network with appropriate firewall and antivirus/internet security software.

Our standard network firewall doesn’t cover all internet ports for Static IPs. This means that spam, viruses and other malicious attacks against computers, routers and modems may not be blocked by us.

Ports including 25, 445, 139, netbios-ss, 4444, 135 and 593 remain blocked.