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Usage Alerts

Data usage alerts

Our data usage alerts let you know that you have reached a specified amount (either 50%, 80% or 100%) of your allocated data in the current billing period.

If you have received a message alerting you that you have reached 100% of your allowance, excess usages charges will now apply in accordance with your plan.

Please note that the information regarding your usage may be up to 48 hours old. 

Excess charge alerts

Our excess charge alerts let you know when excess charges on your service have reached $100 in the current billing period. When excess charges on your service exceed $200, your service will be automatically barred to prevent further charges on your account.

Excess charges apply for usage not included in your plan allowance including extra data, international calls outside your included minutes, or usage outside Australia.

Upgrade your plan

In order to avoid excess usage charges in the future you may choose to upgrade to one of our plans with larger allowances.

How do I find out more?

If you have any questions, would like to find out more about upgrading your plan or to check your current usage please contact customer service on 131 789 or chat to us live right now by clicking here.