Information about the service

Service descriptions

Your Plan is a bundle that includes:

  • A VoIP Home Phone Service
  • A Wi-Fi Modem (brand and model may vary)
  • A 250GB data allowance, home broadband service for your internet
  • You can upgrade or downgrade the data allowance (between 250gb or Unlimited) at any time
  • You can upgrade or downgrade the speed tier at any time (subject to available tiers in your area)

Key details

This is a consumer-grade residential internet service with an included data allowance of 250GB, and a home phone plan that provides land-line access to make and receive calls. You can transfer your existing home phone number or connect a new phone number with iPrimus. VoIP is internet telephony for which the availability and quality of the service may differ from a standard copper telephone service. iPrimus only offers a telephone service to customers who agree to waive all rights under the normal Customer Service Guarantee for this service. More information is available on

iPrimus VoIP can ordinarily be used to call the emergency number 000, however, you should not regard any VoIP service as a reliable service in an emergency, such as during a power outage. VoIP services are not recommended if you/another resident have a disability, serious illness or other life-threatening condition necessitating an uninterrupted phone line.

Information about pricing

Core Plan Inclusions
Available Contract TermsMonth to Month
Minimum Monthly Fee$65/mth
Included Speed TierStandard (nbn25/Fibre25)
Data Allowance250GB
(Shaped to 256kbps once allowance is reached)
Voice ServicePay as You Go
(call rates detailed below)
Setup Fee$0
(New development charges may apply)
Hardware Costs & Repayment OptionsA Wi-Fi modem is included with all iPrimus plans.
Total modem cost $120 over 12 months.
iPrimus will cover the cost of your modem if you stay connected for 12 months (Hardware Repayment Period)
($10/mth credit applied over 12 months)
Cancelling your service
(Broadband & Telephony)
You may cancel your services with us at any time without incurring any additional charges.
Early Termination of Hardware Repayment Period
If you choose to cancel your service within the Hardware Repayment Period, you will need to pay $10/mth x the number of months remaining.
Total Minimum Cost$190 if you cancel your service during the first month.
Calculated as: (Monthly Fee (incl. add ons) + $120 Wi-Fi modem cost)


Core Plan Add-OnsAdditional Monthly Fee
Speed Boosts
(nbn & Fibre Only)
Standard Plus$10
Home Superfast*$40
Home Ultrafast$60
Data BoostUnlimited Data$5
Static IPStatic IP$5
Call PacksUnlimited Landline & Mobile - Australia$10
Unlimited Landline & Mobile - Australia + 2000 International minutes$30


Fetch EntertainmentAdditional Monthly Fee
Fetch SubscriptionFetch Subscription$10
MultiroomMultiroom Subscription
(Per additional box)
Channel PacksAdditional Premium Channel PacksFrom $6
Ultimate Channel Pack$20
Setup FeeSetup Fee Per Box$60 once off
HardwareFetch Mini STB(Included in setup fee)
Fetch Mighty PVR$180 once off
Minimum Total Cost$70
(Monthly Fee x Contract Term + Setup Fee)

nbn Fixed Wireless speeds will be lower than other nbn access types.

Pay as You Go call rates
Local Calls20c untimed
National/Interstate Calls20c Per call
Australian Mobile Calls36c Per Minute
Cost of standard 2 min call to Australian Mobiles$1.17
13/1300 Calls44c Per Call
Flag Fall45c
International CallsPlease visit

Service availability

Service not available to all areas, homes or customers. While we perform preliminary qualification checks upfront for broadband service availability, the type of service offered (nbn, Opticomm or RedTrain Fibre) may be subject to further qualification checks to determine what is available at your location. If we are unable to connect all your bundle services, we will attempt to contact you to discuss further options first or if we can’t contact you after making reasonable attempts, we will cancel your order.

A modem capable of transfer speeds greater than 250mbps is necessary for Home Superfast or 1000mbps for Home Ultrafast. iPrimus modems are capable of these speeds.

Available contract terms

All iPrimus broadband plans are month-to-month contracts. Hardware repayment options are available for the Wi-Fi modem (12 months) and Fetch Mighty PVR (18 months).

Usage information

For information about your current usage levels please use the iPrimus account toolbox, available at or contact Customer Service.

Installation & setup

Standard installation is included. Non-standard installations may incur additional costs.

Connection fees

nbn Co and Opticomm charge $300 for first-time connections in new developments. Additional charges may apply for subsequent connections requiring installation of additional equipment.


For your internet service, you may need a nbnTM or Opticomm connection box, (plus a nbnTM outdoor antenna for Fixed Wireless services) and a compatible modem. If you have elected to use your included VoIP service, you will need compatible telephone handset.

DevicePayment OptionTotal Cost
Wi-Fi ModemIncluded with you stay connected for 12 months$120
MiniIncluded in setup feeN/A


A Wi-Fi modem is included with all broadband plans. Brand and model may vary. A Fetch Mini STB is included in the Fetch activation fee. You may opt to purchase a Fetch Mighty PVR as once off purchase. Hardware may be refurbished and is yours to keep. For warranty information please refer to

You may receive a notification to return the nbn connection box to us (e.g. where the equipment is faulty). If you fail to return the nbn connection box within 30 days of receiving such notification, you may be charged a non-return fee of $140.

The nbnTM connection box is the property of nbn co and must remain at the property when you leave.

Plan inclusions

This is a bundled plan. If you cancel or transfer either service (Home Phone or Internet) in the bundle, iPrimus may suspend or terminate both services and/or may need to change plans to a standalone service at a higher monthly charge. iPrimus Acceptable Use Policy applies on unlimited data consumption. This plan does not have included calls, however call packs can be purchased and can be cancelled at any time. iPrimus Acceptable Use Policy applies on included calls. Please check the iPrimus website for all other call type charges.

Fetch channel packs

Customers can purchase channel packs on a month-to-month basis available via Fetch set top box. Fetch set top box may be refurbished. Charges for additional channel packs are $6 for each individual channel pack or $20 for the Ultimate Channel Pack. Additional a la carte channels are available for purchase. See website at for further details.

Payment options

Accounts must be paid by Direct Debit from a Bank Account or Debit/Credit Card nominated by you. If iPrimus allows you to pay by another method, a $2.95 non-direct debit fee applies. It is your responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient clear funds or credit limit available in your account to allow a debit payment to be made in accordance with a Direct Debit request. If there are insufficient clear funds in your account to meet debit payment fees may apply

Receiving statements

You can save & support the environment by opting for email billing. To switch to email billing, go to & complete the request, otherwise a $2.50 fee applies per paper bill.

Other information full terms

Information and pricing are correct at time of printing. All pricing is inclusive of GST. This information is a summary only. Visit for our Standard Form of Agreement which sets out the terms and conditions on which we provide our products & services to you.

Contact details

T: 13 17 89

E: [email protected]

Complaints details

If you have a complaint or a dispute, please contact us on the below details

T: 13 17 89

F: 1300 85 20 04

E: [email protected]

Telecommunications industry Ombudsman (TIO)

If you are still not satisfied with the steps taken by iPrimus to resolve your issue, you can seek assistance from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO). The TIO will only investigate complaints if you have already attempted to resolve your issue with iPrimus & is an option of last resort.

You can contact the TIO on the below details

T: 1800 062 058


Broadband education package

To better understand broadband technologies and the factors that can influence the performance of your broadband service, you can visit the Communications Alliance Broadband Education Package website at