Modem Setup Guide - ADSL

ADSL broadband

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

1 - Plug in the cables

  • Is the sticker on your box green? Great – let’s start!
  • Plug your power cable into the modem, and then into the power socket. Don’t forget to switch the power socket off first.
  • Next, plug one end of a phone cable into the DSL port on your modem, and the other end into the ADSL modem port on your ADSL filter. Now plug the ADSL filter into your wall phone socket.
  • It’s time for your phone. Plug your phone cable into the local phone port on the ADSL filter.
  • You can now use an ethernet cable to connect any devices that won’t be using a Wi-Fi connection.

2 - Check the lights

  • Power up your modem by switching on your wall socket and pressing the power button on your modem.
  • Wait 15 minutes for your modem to auto-configure.
  • After 15 minutes, the first four lights (shown in the image below) should be on.
  • If the lights haven’t turned on, turn your modem off and repeat this step.

3 - Connect your devices

  • It’s time to connect to your Wi-Fi!
  • Look for the ‘SSID’ – your network name, and WLAN Key – your password, on a sticker at the bottom of your modem.
  • Connect your devices to Wi-Fi by searching for the ‘SSID’ and using the ‘WLAN’ key as the security password.

You’re all done!

If your internet isn’t working – go through each of the steps again before contacting our tech support team.