Wifi Dropouts

If you are experiencing what appears to be intermittent loss of WiFi signal there could be a few causes of this issue. Please follow the below steps to try and resolve your issue.

Check Signal Strength

WiFi dropouts are common if your device is getting low signal strength. If you are getting weak WiFi, please move your WiFi device closer to your modem. Once your device is closer to the modem, monitor the service for further dropouts.

TIP: Most WiFi modem/routers broadcast a signal in a small radius around the modem. This is commonly 10-15meters and can be reduced by walls and other structures.

If dropouts persist please move to the next option.

If you are no longer getting dropouts this could be a wireless range issue.

One or All Devices?

Is only 1 computer or device showing a dropout issue? If only 1 device is showing loss of WiFi signal this will likely be a WiFi device fault It is recommended to speak to the manufacturer of the device displaying this issue for a possible fix.

If there is more than 1 device, do all devices disconnect at the same time? If all devices disconnect at the same time this is possibly WiFi disconnection issue.

Isolate and Test

Next we will need to isolate the device off the WiFi and connect with a physical cable to make sure the internet service is stable.

Connect your computer to your modem/router with an Ethernet cable.

Observe the connection and note if dropouts persist.

If no dropouts occur while connected by Ethernet then we have proven the internet service is stable and this will likely be a WiFi dropout issue.

WiFi Interference?

Electrical devices can cause interference to WiFi networks. The most common devices known to interfere are

  • Cordless Phones
  • Microwaves
  • TV/Set-Top boxes
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Home Theatre systems
  • Large Fish Tanks (Water absorbs WiFi Signals)

If your modem is close to another electrical device it is best to move your modem at least 60cm from these devices to reduce the chance of interference.

If your modem is not near another electrical device we will need to change your wireless channel. Modems use up to 13 different channels to broadcast a wireless signal. If another modem or device (such as a cordless phone) is using the same channel it can cause intermittent loss of service.

How do I change my WiFi Channel?

If you have an iPrimus supplied modem please check the Hardware Configuration Guides

If you have a BYO modem you will need to seek assistance from your modem manufacturer or Modem documentation provided with your BYO modem/router.