Audiocodes Setup - Setup a New VoIP Connection

Before you start setting up your VoIP connection you must first confirm your VoIP service has been provisioned.

We will send out an SMS to your provided mobile number with confirmation.

If you have not received this SMS, you can still setup your service so it is ready to go when your service is provisioned.

Connecting your VoIP

Once you have an internet connection to the AudioCodes device, your VoIP service should be working.

If you need help setting up the internet side of the AudioCodes click your service

ADSL AudioCodes Setup Guide

Fibre AudioCodes Setup Guide

Obi302 VoIP Settings

Just plug in a telephone handset to the back Phone 1 Port and make a call.

Important Lights for Setup

Power LED Indicator



No VoIP Service Registered


VoIP Service Registered and Working


VoIP Registration Error