Netcomm NP803n Wireless Setup

Router login details:


Username: admin

Password: admin


Use this guide to setup, or change Wireless (WiFi) settings on your Netcomm NP803n router.

You can also use this guide to confirm your wireless network is password protected.


Connect your computer to the router via an Ethernet (LAN / Network) cable.

Open up a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Safari.


Enter into the address bar, and press enter:


A login screen will appear, use the following details:


Username: admin

Password: admin


Click OK, and log in.


This will bring up the Netcomm router configuration screen.

Click on ‘Wireless’ on the left menu:


This brings up the wireless settings for the router:


The display name of the network is listed under SSID1: – this is the publicly broadcast name of the network.

You can also manually select the wireless channel on this page

Change this to your desired name, and click ‘apply’


To change the wireless password and “security” tab at the top of the page


Here are your wireless security settings.

iPrimus recommends using “WPA2 Mixed” security.


The ‘Pre-shared Key’ is the wireless password on your network. Change this to a password you know (minimum 8 characters long)

To save settings click “APPLY”


You have now setup the Wireless on your Netcomm NP803n router

The new network should be visible, and you can connect with your new password.