Netcomm NP803n Quick Setup

Configure Netcomm NP803N for Fibre Internet Connection


Cable configuration

WAN Port – This port needs to connect to your Internet Connection. (NOTE: For NBN Co customer this will connect to the NTD)

Ethernet Port – To configure this device you must connect the router to your computer for the setup.




Quick Setup

Once the Netcomm NP803n is powered on, through your internet browser connect to


Username: admin

Password: admin



There is an option to follow the Wizard but in this example, we will be taking the manually approach.


Select Internet on the left navigation

And then select PPPoE on the top.


This page will require you to input your Internet Connection details


Password: iPrimus Password

Service Name: iPrimus


Leave all the other settings default and click Apply.


Now that your router is configured the WAN light should come on



If the WAN light is not coming on and your Internet service has been provisioned correctly, contact Technical Support.