Audiocodes MP264 Quick Setup

This page includes information for your AudioCodes MP264 modem supplied by Primus for an ADSL connection

This modem will automatically configure itself when connected to an ADSL line



Cable Configuration

ADSL Port – This port needs to connect to your ADSL provisioned phone line

LAN 1 - LAN 4 – Use these ports to connect up to 4 Ethernet devices

NOTE: Do Not use LAN4/WAN during the setup process as this may cause service difficulty.

Phone 1 – If you have a VoIP service with Primus, this port can be used to connect a handset




Important Lights for Setup

The ADSL light on the back of the modem confirms ADSL Synchronisation and should be on solid green

If the light is flashing or not on this could indicate that there is a potential connection issue and you should call your ISP.



The Status light indicates what state the modem is in. For example it will be red while starting up or flashing the unit with new firmware. 
The Broadband light will be green when the modem has authenticated to the Primus network with your username and password.

Once the Broadband light is on your internet service will be working



Quick Modem Details


Username: admin

Password admin


SSID: iprimus and the Last 4 Digits of MAC, eg. iprimus6111

Password: Serial Number (Can be found on back of modem)


As this modem automatically configures itself there is no need to manually configure the device.