Speedster Troubleshooting Guide

This general troubleshooting guide covers the most common issues you may experience with your Speedster modem:

  • Unable to install
  • Unable to connect
  • Disconnections
  • Slow speeds
  • Poor Signal strength

The steps below are used as a guide to better determine whether the issue is:

Software related – Speedster, Operating System, Virus Protection, Browser, Other Hardware related – Computer issue / Faulty Speedster modem 3G reception related – Poor/No Signal

Step 1: Check SIM placement and USB port

We will need to confirm your sim card is seated correctly

  • Remove the SIM card, make sure the terminals are clean then
  • Reinsert the SIM card double checking the correct sim orientation. The SIM should not have to be forced into the tray/slot
  • Check the USB plug and socket to make sure the terminals are clean and the modem isn’t bent or damaged
  • Laptops – Connect the power adapter

Step 2: Reinstall software

Speedster issues commonly occur after Operating System or software updates have been applied. The solution is to reinstall the Speedster software.

It is recommended to uninstall the Speedster software, restart your computer and then reinstall Speedster in a different USB port.

NOTE: Incorrectly uninstalling software can cause several issues including data loss. If you are unfamiliar with uninstalling software seek advice or speak to a Primus Technical Support member for further assistance.

  • To Uninstall your Speedster Software please see the Speedster Uninstall Guide
  • To Re-Install your Speedster please see the Speedster Install Guide

The Speedster software listed in add/remove programs will depend on which Speedster is being used.

  • Huawei E160\E169 “Wireless Broadband”
  • Pendo “HSPA USB MODEM”

Step 3: Test another computer

Testing your Speedster modem on another computer can help identify computer specific related issues. This may be caused by

  • Hardware and Software incompatibility
  • Out of date operating system, virus protection, hardware drivers
  • Data corruption
  • Malware, spyware or virus infections
  • Proxy settings
  • Firewall settings
  • Software for other 3G modems causing conflict
  • Other software installed


If your Speedster is still having issues on a specific computer the issue is more likely to be a computer issue.

If your Speedster is still having issues on multiple computers in the same location the issue could be caused by either faulty hardware or poor coverage.

Step 4: Test in another location

Testing your Speedster in another location can help in identifying coverage related issues.


Has the Speedster ever worked?

Do you know of any mobile 3G signal related issues in your suburb?


Are any other 3G devices in your current location experiencing similar issues?

Has your Speedster worked in this location before?


  • If your Speedster only operates in certain locations the issue is more likely to be coverage related.
  • If your Speedster does not work regardless of location or computer, the issue is more likely to be Speedster hard