Outgoing Calls Issues

If you are having trouble making calls from your home phone service you may have an outgoing call fault. To identify the source of this fault we will need to cover a few troubleshooting steps to confirm.


Note: If you have recently moved house or are undergoing a service migration please ensure you have received an SMS notifying that the service is active. Any service undergoing migration/relocation can be affected by temporary service faults.


Check for a Dial Tone

Confirm that a clear dial tone is present. If you have no dial tone, please follow the No Dial Tone Guide.

If dial tone is present please proceed to the next step.


Test Outbound Call

We will need to identify what kind of message you are getting when trying to make calls from your phone number.

  • If you get a Recorded Voice Message please note it down and contact Technical support for further investigation.
  • If you are only able to make outbound calls to certain numbers please note which numbers and contact Technical Support on 1300 85 11 85 for further investigation.
  • If your outbound call succeeded the phone service should be working as intended.