Long Distance Calls Issues

Use this guide if you are able to dial local numbers, but not International, STD or mobile numbers from your telephone service.


Step 1:

Confirm you have a dial tone; if not, follow the No Dial Tone Guide.

Confirm you are able to make locals calls from your service; if not, follow this guide (not a link)


Step 2:

Confirm the number, and dialing protocol:

It should start with 0011 + [country code] + [phone number with area code, with first 0 removed]

Example: 0011 44 723573673


Step 3:

What happens when you dial the number?

Does it connect? Engaged? No answer?

Is there a record voice announcement?


Note this down.


Step 4:

Have you ever been able to reach this number?


Step 5:

Test the number from another service, if you experience the exact same issue, it may be an issue on the receivers’ side.

If you can connect, or get a different error, from another service, contact iPrimus.


Contact iPrimus technical support

Next, contact iPrimus Technical Support with these details, and we will investigate this issue for you further – we will also carry out test calls on your behalf to determine where the issue lies.