Unable to Send Emails

If you are able to receive emails, but not send with your email client (such as Outlook, Live Mail, Mac Mail), there are a few things that can be checked.


Check outgoing mail settings

These are the settings that the email client uses to send emails.

In the account settings for your email, the settings should be exactly as below:


Outgoing Server: smtp.iprimus.com.au

Port: 25

Use SSL: No


Turn on SMTP Authentication

This can make sending more reliable, as you now log into the outgoing server to send, same as you log into incoming server to receive.

This setting is in your email account settings usually under more settings / advanced > outgoing server > SMTP Authentication.

Enter your username and password for outgoing authentication (or select ‘Same as incoming server’ if they are the same).

Check your Firewall

If you are still unable to send, it is possible firewall, security or anti-virus software on the computer are blocking the connection.

Turning off the firewall temporarily and testing if you can send an email will rule this out.

For instructions on turning off the firewall, or setting exceptions should the firewall be blocking out-going email, refer to the manufacturer of the firewall software, as all programs are different.

Disabling your firewall/ security settings may present a security risk so please consider this and do not leave your firewall disabled. Your error message here.


Remake your connection

If all of the above steps have failed, remove and re-make the connection in your email client.

Test from Webmail

If you are still unable to send emails, login to your webmail at http://webmail.iprimus.com.au with your email address and password.

Attempt to send an email from here (using the ‘compose’ button).

This sends an email completely independently from your computer.

If this email is successful, the issue lies with the email client on the computer. In this case you could test a second email client, or contact technical support for the program.

If this email does not work, call iPrimus on 1300 85 11 85 for further help.