Setting up ADSL Connection

Before you start setting up your ADSL connection you must first confirm your ADSL service has been provisioned on your phone line.

We will send out an SMS to your provided mobile number with confirmation.

If you have not received this SMS, you can still setup your service so it is ready to go when your line is provisioned.

Before connecting your ADSL modem

Before connecting your ADSL modem you will need to connect all current telephone equipment to an ADSL filter.

Filters stop the ADSL and phone equipment from interfering with each other.

Other devices that use your phone line can include but are not limited to:

  • Telephone Handsets
  • Fax Machines
  • Back to Base Alarm Systems
  • Medi Alarm
  • EFTPOS Machines
  • Foxtel / Pay TV

More information on filters can be found here


Filtering Phone Lines for ADSL

Connecting your ADSL modem

Video Setup Guide

Each modem differs and the below is a general guide that can be used for most common ADSL modems.

  • Connecting your ADSL Modem
  • Connect ADSL Line filters to all Telephone devices in use in the house
  • Connect Phone Cable from the modem to your ADSL Filter
  • Connect Yellow Ethernet cable provided to your Computers Ethernet port
  • Connect Power cable to the Power port on the back of the modem and then into your Wall Power Outlet
  • Press the Power Switch on the back of the modem to power on the modem.
  • Primus AutoConfig Modems - Wait 10-30 minutes for the Modem to automatically configure itself. BYO Modems - Manually configure your username and password, guides available below.

Modem guides

For more guides specific to the modem, select your ADSL modem from the Hardware section:

Hardware Home