What is NBN


The nbn™ or National Broadband Network is a new internet network. It uses fibre optic cables and other new technology that promises to lead Australian homes into the internet of the future. It also affects your phone, as your phone service will soon work through the broadband network. Want the full run down? Read it all here. (http://www.nbnco.com.au/learn-about-the-nbn.html)


We have two speeds available as part of our NBN plans

  • Basic: Up to 3 devices. Good for streaming or downloading SD videos and music, surfing the web, online shopping, social media and video calling.
  • Supercharged: 7+ devices. Everything high-performance, plus 4k video streaming and entertainment, Downloading HD movies and serious gaming.

*Note: The actual speeds that you experience may be a little slower. Slow speeds can be caused by the web page or content that you are downloading, hardware such as your modem and devices, the number of devices connected and line issues.