NBN - Things to Know

Your phone and modem

You’ll need an nbn™ compatible modem, but most phones should work as usual. Some older handsets, like rotary phones, won’t be nbn™ compatible – so you may need an upgrade!


Back-to-base alarm systems, personal response systems, medical alert/emergency call systems and fax machines may not work over the nbn™. Check with your provider or manufacturer to see if your device is compatible before making the switch to nbn™.


All nbn™ installations are done by the nbn™.

If you need to be home during your installation, we’ll give you an appointment time.

If you can’t make the appointment time, or the nbn™ installer isn’t able to attend, call 1300 fibre1 (1300 342 731) to reschedule.

There is a missed appointment fee if you don’t let us know in 2 days in advance that you can’t make it.

True Fibre Voice™

True Fibre Voice™ is an iPrimus service that connects all the phones in a customer’s home or small business directly from their Fibre service to the iPrimus high-quality voice network.

NBN in a Blackout

Your internet and voice services won’t work if there’s a blackout. That includes all calls to emergency services.

It’s best to keep a charged mobile phone handy at all times in the case of an emergency.

Medical Priority Assistance

We’re not able to offer medical priority assistance, even to customers with a life threatening medical condition. We don’t recommend that you connect to an nbn™ voice service if you, or a member of the household, has a disability, serious illness, or other life-threatening condition which requires an uninterruptible phone line. Outgoing and incoming calls (including emergency calls) won’t work when there is power failure.

Static IP address

Customers with an nbn™ plan can get a static IP address.

Fixed Wireless NBN

Fixed Wireless NBN will be used by around 500,000 premises in semi-remote areas. These properties will connect to the nbn™ using a wireless receiver fixed to their property.

It delivers radio-transmitted signals to the antenna fixed to the premises; to provide a consistent speed and service quality.