Unmetered Data


At iPrimus, we are constantly receiving feedback about the sites our customers visit regularly. That’s why we created a list of unmetered areas that do not count towards your download limit.

Get unmetered data with fibre optic internet

What Is Unmetered Data?

Unmetered traffic is data that does not count towards your download limit.

How Can I Tell If A Site Or Peer Is On The Unmetered List?

All unmetered sites are listed below – check regularly for new additions! Please note the unmetered sites below apply when the site is used from your normal internet browser, or service. If you are using an App (such as on a phone or tablet device) - this may not be unmetered as the source of data may not be the same as the browser version. Please check the documentation provided with the App for more information.

How Can I Tell How Much Unmetered Data I Have Used?

Log in to your account toolbox, and head to the usage statistics area. Here, you will see a breakdown of your recent usage. There is now a “Free Usage” menu, which shows the amount of data traffic from unmetered sites. This data will not be included as part of your quota.

I’ve Been Speed Rated! Can I Still Access These Sites At Full Speed?

Yes. Any sites listed on the free quota list can be accessed at full speed anytime, even when your quota has been reached and you are speed rated.

Unmetered Sites

You’ve always been able to manage your Primus account from our homepage – now you can just do it without contributing to your download limit!



 The ABC has launched its new Internet TV service, iView, with six channels of free ABC programs available online as a high resolution full screen streamed service.

TiVo® video content, streamed radio podcasts, services such as weather and games, software updates and electronic program guide data are all unmetered with iPrimus. Read more on TiVo®


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