What is TiVo?

TiVo is a digital set-top box, personal video recorder and a broadband media device all rolled into one.

TiVo allows you to receive and record free-to-air TV and download digital content from the Internet, all from the comfort of your lounge! Never want to miss a show? Record to up to 60 hours of Standard Definition quality, or 30 hours of High Definition quality TV with a TiVo device.

If you have a High-Definition capable TV, you can also enjoy watching crystal clear high definition, free-to-air TV.

You can also download movies, news, weather and other content from the Internet direct to your TiVo and watch them on your TV.

By combining your TiVo with iPrimus Broadband, you'll get access to the following great features*, without it counting towards your monthly data allowance!

  • Broadband Movies
  • Radio Podcasts
  • Broadband Services and
  • Broadband Games

* Features are not provided by iPrimus. You may be charged additional fees by the provider for using these services. Check with TiVo for more details on any services.

Want To Find Out More About TiVo?

To find out more about TiVo, visit their website at www.mytivo.com.au