iProtect Internet Protection

iPrimus iProtect is a range of internet protection services, such as virus protection and spam filter service, offered to account holders of iPrimus Dial-up and broadband services. You can subscribe to these individually or as a package.

At $4 per month, the iProtect range includes protection against:

  • E-mail Viruses
  • E-mail Spam

These services are designed to give you the option of protecting your PC against viruses and your families against e-mail virus threats and unsolicited advertising.

With the iPrimus E-mail Virus and E-mail Spam Protection services your iPrimus e-mail account will be screened for viruses and spam even before it reaches your e-mail inbox.

The iPrimus E-mail Virus and E-mail Spam Protection services use award winning and leading anti-virus and anti-spam scanning, cleaning, and filtering software. Our engineers have integrated this sophisticated technology into the iPrimus e-mail system, ensuring you receive the best defence against virus outbreaks, worms, trojans and unsolicited bulk e-mail.