Broadband Top Up

Broadband Top Ups are there for you to get more data when you need it. 

If you run out of data your connection may slow down to dial up speeds. If you want to use the internet at your usual speed add a data Top Up in "My Account""

Broadband Top Up Pricing

Broadband TopUp Cost per TopUp  
1GB $5.95 Buy Now
5GB $24.95 Buy Now
10GB $39.95 Buy Now
20GB $49.95 Buy Now

Broadband Top Up

Click to purchase a Broadband TopUp

By giving you more options to expand your download capacity as your needs dictate, Top Up helps you control how much speed you get out of your plan and how much you’ll pay for the extra capacity. All of which means there’s no nasty surprises and ensures that you’re firmly in control of your Internet spend. So if you don’t want to slow down, login to your Account Toolbox and add a Top Up*.

Things you should know

TopUps can be purchased as you need extra download for each billing cycle. Top Up does not roll over into the next billing period. Only purchase as much as you need for the remainder of your billing cycle. Top Up is not available on the Broadband Starter Plan.