NBN Information

National Broadband Network

The nbn™ or National Broadband Network is a new internet network. It uses fibre optic cables and other new technology that promises to lead Australian homes into the internet of the future. It also affects your phone, as your phone service will soon work through the broadband network. Want the full run down? Read it all here - www.nbnco.com.au


We have three speeds available

  • Basic
  • High performance
  • Ultimate

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NBN Call Rates

Standard, National & International Call Rates

Standard national calls are included in all of our NBN plans. Calls that are a little out of the ordinary may have an extra charge. All of our charges are listed here.

NBN Rollout Map

Find out when you’ll be nbn ready!

Our NBN map can let you know when the nbn™ will be ready in your area. If you’re already with us, we’ll let you know when you’re nbn™ ready, so no worries!

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Things to know

NBN Installation, Fixed Wireless NBN

Read about NBN installation, your phone and modem, Fixed wireless NBN etc., click here.