Getting Started

No, if you are in a contract and downgrade your plan the Early Termination fee will apply.

Please speak to our friendly Sales team on 131 789 to discuss the most suitable option for you

Once your handset is dispatched we will send you an SMS and email with your tracking number.

Once you have received your Sim Card please call our Customer Service team to activate your Sim Card. New mobile phone numbers will be active within 4 hours; whereas, porting existing numbers can take up to 1-2 business days to complete. You may still continue to use your existing sim card for the time being. Once your old sim card ceases to work please switch to the new sim card and enjoy the service of iPrimus.

Please speak to our friendly Billing team via Live chat to order a replacement SIM.

We will send a tracking number through SMS and email once your handset is dispatched.

Dial 0011 and the relevant country code before dialing any international number. Please click here to view the international call rates.

Plans & Rates

Once you have chosen your new plan please chat with us to proceed.

You will need to download our Change of Name form and send it back to Once received we will aim to action the request within 21 business days.

For mobile, you will be charged for 1300 numbers if you have exceeded your included quota for calls included in the plan value. Standard charges for 1300/13 number calls are 44c per call. For Home phone and VoIP, 13/1300 calls are not included within any of our plans. 1300/13 number calls are charged at 44c per call.

Contracts which have been initiated by a service provider over the phone such as a telemarketing call or at a location other than the provider’s place of business (for example, a door-to-door sale or being approached in a public place such as a shopping centre) are generally subject to a cooling-off period. Cooling-off periods do not apply where a consumer visits a provider’s store, calls to request a service or orders a service online. The purpose of a cooling-off period is to protect a consumer from being bound by an unsolicited contract that does not fit their needs, by giving them time to reassess and cancel the contract if necessary.

The cooling-off period for individuals is 10 business days. This period starts:

  • For sales made over the phone:The day after a consumer receives a written copy of the contract.

  • For sales made in person:The day after the agreement is made. The consumer can cancel the contract for any reason during the 10 business days of cooling off period. The consumer needs to take note of how they can cancel the contract, which sometimes involves mailing a written cancellation letter to the provider.

Changing your plan in the middle of your billing period will result in alignments on your next invoice. Any amount you’ve paid in advance for your current plan will be credited back to your account, and you’ll be invoiced for that time at the rate for your new plan instead.

Lost Device

Please contact us on 1300 85 85 85 to report a lost or stolen handset.


By dialling *#06# on your handset. The Number should be displayed on the screen.

Line noise can be anything from that loud static to the irritating hum or horrible buzzing you hear on your phone line. Head over to our Do It Yourself 'Troubleshooting Noise, Static or Interference' page and follow the simple steps to fix your issue or report a fault.

Our Faults team will attempt to contact you when updates become available. To enquire on any updates please contact us via live chat.

To extend/decrease your voicemail please following the steps:

  • Dial the code in the table below

  • Replace 'XX' with the ring length in seconds. The ring time can be set in increments of 5 seconds to a maximum of 30 seconds. eg. 05, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30.

  • Press 'Call' or 'Send' (as if making a call)

  • Dial **61*321**xx# (than press ‘Send ‘or ‘Call’)


To turn off Voicemail SMS Via SMS: From your Mobile: Text the word ON or OFF to 159

Alternatively, you can call the following number: Dial 159 and follow the prompts.