Payment Method

You can pay your account using any of the following payment methods, but it’s best to pay by direct debit from a bank account or a direct debit from a credit card.

Direct debit

The easiest way to pay your bill is with an automatic payment, or direct debit. You can create an automatic payment from a savings or cheque account OR a credit card.

Each month your chosen account or credit card will be debited with the amount due on your bill.


Any payments, including a direct debit, made with a credit card will incur a small fee.

0.43% for Visa/Master Card and 2.89% for Amex/Diners.

Direct debit set up

You can set up your direct debit online here. You can also download our direct debit form here and send it back to us once you’ve filled it out.

Return addresses

PO Box 631

Collins Street West

Victoria 8007

Fax (03) 9923 3820

Email email us

Pay by phone

Call 1300 85 66 52 to pay your bill by credit card, anytime and from anywhere in Australia.

Any payments, including phone payments, made with a credit card will incur a small fee. 0.43% for Visa/Master Card and 2.89% for Amex/Diners.

All calls are charged at a local call rate.

Pay by BPAY®

You can pay your bill using BPAY® if your bank or financial institution provides this service.

In post cases BPAY® payments can be made using both phone banking and internet banking. Your BPAY® instructions will be on your monthly bill. All payments made using BPAY® incur a small $2.50 fee.


You can pay your bill using POSTbillpay® at any postal outlet in Australia. Simply present your bill at the counter. POSTbillpay® payments can only be made in cash, using a cheque or EFTPOS. All payments made using POSTbillpay® incur a small $2.50 fee.

Pay by mail

You can pay your bill by mail with the ‘return slip’ on your monthly bill. Mail your payment by cheque or money order to Primus as indicated on your bill.

Bill formats

You will automatically receive your bill electronically each month. It will be sent to your email address and also stored in the ‘My Account’ section on our website.

If you want to get a paper bill sent to you, go here. There is a $2.50 fee each month to get your bill sent to you in the post. Your paper bills can be cancelled at any time here.

Billing period

Our billing period is monthly – from the 1st to the last day of the month.

Fees for overdue accounts

We may charge a $15 fee to overdue accounts.