Bills & Payment

Please report the payment here. If your service has been suspended due to non payment of your bill, service unbarring may not occur until the payment has been verified.

Standard charges for 13/1300 numbers are 44c per call. For mobile, you will be charged for these numbers if you have exceeded your quota for calls in your plan value. For home phone and VoIP, these numbers are not included in any of our plans; thus, charges will apply.

You can refer to the Bill & Balance section within your iPrimusToolbox account.

Handset rental fees may be a pass on charge from our wholesaler. Please contact us via Live chat if you wish to discuss this further.

You will receive a confirmation email once we process your credit. Your balance will be updated within 2 business days from when the credit was applied.

You shall receive your bills at your nominated email address. You may check and update your email address via your online Toolbox account. To update your email address, log in to your toolbox account and click Bill & Balance > Bill Details> Billing Status

Log in to your Toolbox account and click on Bill & Balance > Bill Details. You will be able to see three (3) previous bills. You can view more by clicking 'More Bills' below the three (3) listed bills.

When you change your existing plan or add a new service to your account with iPrimus, it's simply an adjustment to make sure you're billed the correct rate for the exact days you held a particular plan or service.

You will receive a letter notificaton from iPrimus that your payment has not been successful.


Please click here and follow the prompts to have your username and/or password sent to you.

Please refer to the iPrimus Standard form of agreement and critical information summary as listed on our website. A copy of the contract was also emailed to you at the time of sign up. If you would like to receive your contract again, please speak to our friendly billing team via Live chat.

If you wish to cancel your existing service with iPrimus, please call us at 1300 85 85 85. Please note that an early termination fee may apply to contract cancellations.

Log in to your Toolbox account and click on Usage Summary to view your current data usage.

You can access the new iPrimus Toolbox by visiting the iPrimus website and clicking on My Account > Account Toolbox or click here

Log in to your Toolbox account and click on Usage Summary to view your current data usage and limit.

Check the top right hand corner of your bill or Log in to your toolbox to find out your customer number.

Contracts initiated by a service provider over the phone such as a telemarketing call or at a site other than the provider’s place of business (such as, a door-to-door sale or being approached in a public place such as a shopping centre) are generally subject to a cooling-off period. Cooling-off periods do not apply where a consumer visits a provider’s store, calls to ask a service or orders a service online. The purpose of a cooling-off period is to protect a consumer from being bound by an unsolicited contract that does not fit their needs, by giving them time to reassess and cancel the contract if necessary.

The cooling-off period for clients is ten (10) business days. This period starts:

  • For sales made over the phone:The day after a consumer receives a written copy of the contract.

  • For sales made in person:The day after the agreement. The consumer can cancel the contract for any reason during the ten (10) business days of cooling off period. The consumer needs to take note of how they can cancel the contract, which sometimes involves mailing a written cancellation letter to the provider.


iPrimus provides services for personal domestic use only.

You can get a $50 credit if you quote a referrer's Customer ID when you sign up. We will apply the credit to both the referrer and you after the qualifying period provided that both accounts are active and have no overdue amounts. The credit will apply on the second bill.

To add an account holder to your iPrimus account, please complete the 'Nomination of New Third Party Authority Form' here and follow the form return instructions at the bottom to send the completed form to iPrimus. Please note that this will allow the other accounbt holder teh authority to make payments or take control of your account. 

This is due to suspicious activity occurring on your email account. You will need to change your password to secure your account. Please contact us via live chat for further help.

You will need to download our Change of Name form and return it back to Once received we will aim to action the request within 21 business days.

You will need to download our Change of Name form and return it back to Once received we will aim to action the request within 21 business days.

You may Activate or Update your Direct Debit by clicking here

You can access you webmail service by logging into with your iPrimus email address and password.