Interference on your Home Phone

Static or Interference on your Home Phone Service

If you are experiencing foreign noises on your phone service you could be affected by a noise fault. There are a few quick steps we can cover to resolve the issues you are experiencing.

Note: Do you have an ADSL Service? ADSL left unfiltered can cause noise and static on your phone service. Please visit the ADSL Filtering Guide for assistance with ADSL Filtering


Note: Do you only notice noise on the line when you are too far from your cordless base station? Some Cordless phones will have noise on the line when the signal becomes too weak from the base station. If you know this happens try moving


What Type of noise are you hearing?


There are many types of noise you can get on your line. The most common is static, crackling, buzzing or humming. These faults can be caused by customer premises equipment (Known as CPE) or by a physical line fault outside the property. We will need to perform a few troubleshooting steps to determine the cause of the fault.


Isolation Test

We will need to isolate the line and leave only 1 phone connected to the line. If you are unsure how to perform a Telephone Isolation test see the Telephone Isolation Test Guide


To perform an isolation test please disconnected all telephone devices from all telephone sockets within the entire premises. This includes spare rooms, garages, living room etc.

Examples of Telephone Devices

  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Answering Machine
  • ADSL/Dial-Up Modems
  • ADSL Filters
  • Back to Base Alarm
  • Medi Alarm
  • Phone Surge protection units
  • Extensions cables


Once all devices are removed connect 1 telephone device to the phone socket and check for dial tone.


Test another phone socket

Sometimes the phone socket can cause noise on the line, it is best to test all phone sockets around the house for a similar fault condition.

Tip: Remember to consider all socket locations such as a granny flat or a garage.

Please connect your telephone handset to another phone socket in the house and test if the same symptoms are present. Repeat this process for each Telephone socket in your house.

If the fault is evident on one socket but not another, the fault will likely be an internal wiring fault. We sometimes see that a socket is damaged and may require replacing by a qualified electrician.



Test another phone cable and handset

If the fault persists after Isolation testing and different sockets it could be the phone handset or cable. Please try a different telephone handset, preferably a corded handset. If a second handset shows the same fault please try changing the phone cable between the telephone handset and the telephone wall socket.

If your fault persists after completing these steps please contact Primus Technical support for further investigation.