Setup a new Speedster modem – Pendo

Before you start setting up your Speedster Service you must first confirm your Speedster service has been activated.

We will send out an SMS to your provided mobile number with confirmation.

If you have not received this SMS please contact Customer Service.

Device configuration

  1. USB Interface
  2. SIM/USIM Card Slot
  3. Micro-SD Card Slot
  4. Strap Hole
  5. Indicator LED

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Before connecting your Speedster modem

Before connecting your Speedster Modem make sure the SIM card is seated correctly.

Your SIM card should be placed like the image below

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Status lights

LED IndicatorDescription
Flashing Green and Red multicolour circularly Network searching
Quickly Flashing Green and Red multicolour circularly Hardware Failure
Green Light Slow Flashing Registering with 3G network
Constant Green Light Connected to 3G network
Red Light Slow Flashing Registering with 2G network
Constant Red Light Connected to 2G network


Installing your Speedster modem

After connecting your speedster for the first time, you will need to install the device.

Please select your operating system below for walkthrough guides.


Any other enquiries

If there is still no service after following these steps contact iPrimus and our technical support team will investigate this issue further.

Contact Primus