Unable to Access Specific Websites

Use this guide if you are able to access some websites, but not others.

There can be a number of reasons as to why you are able to access some websites and not others.


The website might be down

Websites can have outages, just like everything else, sometimes certain sites may go down.

You can use:


To check if everyone is having issues with that site, or just you.  If it’s everyone, it’s usually a matter of waiting for the site to be restored.


Proxy settings

Proxy servers influence the way your browser accesses the internet, and are generally not needed, you can try and disable your proxy in your browser and test the website.

For Internet Explorer:

Tools > Internet Settings > Connections > LAN settings > untick Use a proxy server


Try a different web browser

Different web browsers can have different settings, and this can affect how they view certain sites.

If a site is inaccessible in Internet Explorer, perhaps try Firefox or Google Chrome – both of these are available as free downloads.



Firewall, security, or anti-virus software on your computer can restrict sites available to you.  Try testing the site with your security software temporarily disabled, and see if you can access the site.