Slow Web Browsing

If you have followed our Slow Speed Troubleshooting guide for either ADSL or Fibre and your speed test results are good, and sitll notice browsing websites is slow, there are a few things that can be tried.


Try a different web browser

Different web browsers can have different settings, and this can affect how they view certain sites.

If browsing is slow in Internet Explorer, perhaps try Firefox or Google Chrome – both of these are available as free downloads – and see if there is any improvement.


Proxy settings

Proxy servers influence the way your browser accesses the internet, and are generally not needed any more, it is best to disable any proxies in your browser.

For Internet Explorer:

Tools > Internet Settings > Connections > LAN settings > untick Use a proxy server


Automatically Detect Settings

If you are using Internet Explorer, is ‘Automatically Detect Settings’ ticked?

Tools > Internet Settings > Connections > LAN settings > Automatically Detect Settings

If it is, untick this, and test.



Firewall, security, or anti-virus software on your computer can slow your connection and browsing down, as they monitor the connection.  Try testing with your security software temporarily disabled, and see if there is an improvement in speeds.


Disabling your firewall/ security settings may present a security risk so please consider this and do not leave your firewall disabled. Your error message here. 


Second Computer

Is browsing slow on a second computer? Testing a second computer can help narrow down the issue to between the computer and the connection.


Contact iPrimus

If none of these steps result in an increase in speeds, please contact iPrimus on 1300 85 11 85, and our technical support team will investigate this issue further.

We may also be able to make changes to the service to try and increase the connection speed.