How to Remove Rate Limiting

You have reached your monthly data allowance and your internet speed has been reduced. Please see the below information for a few ways you can remove the rate limiting from your account.

Below is a brief outline of the possible solutions we will cover on this page.

  1. Purchase a Broadband Top-Up via account toolbox
  2. Change your Broadband plan to a higher monthly allowance
  3. Wait for the rate limiting to be automatically removed at the end of your monthly cycle.

Note: If you find you are being rate limited every month we suggest you upgrade your plan for a long term solution. A plan change can be completed by our Sales Team.

How to Purchase a Broadband Top-Up

  1. From your account toolbox please select 'Add broadband top-up' from the left menu.
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  2. Select the top-up amount you wish to apply to your account.
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  3. Accept the top-up agreement.
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  4. You will be presented with a page confirming the top-up has been applied.
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  5. Please restart your modem/router to allow the top-up to take effect.

How to change your Broadband Plan

Contact our sales team to process a broadband plan change.

Please have your Primus customer number handy when you call.

Please see the Contact Us page for our sales teams working hours and contact number.

How to check when your monthly cycle ends

  1. From your account toolbox select 'Usage Summary' from the left menu.
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  2. Observe the 'Period End Date'. This is the last day the rate limiting will apply. The following day speeds will return to normal.
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If you require any further asistance with a solution to be rate limited please contact our technical support team.

Please see the Contact Us page for out contact number and working hours.