Gaming Latency Issues

If you are having latency issues with specific games, it can be caused by a number of factors.

Note the specific server you are having issues with, as well as any patterns – such as only at certain times of day.


You can also try the following


Check with the server

Check the official pages and forums of the server, the issue might be more widespread than just one connection, or they may have solutions for the issue.


Trace Route

Obtain the IP of the server which you are having trouble with, and run a trace route on that IP.

How to run a trace route

Look at the replies and where the latency is (the largest hops in ms), if the latency is on the iPrimus network, contact technical support on 1300 85 11 85, and we will investigate the issue for you.

If the latency is outside of the iPrimus network, the latency may be due to issues beyond our control.


Gaming Profiles

Depending on the DSLAM type we hold your connection on, it may be possible to put the connection on a gaming profile in an effort to reduce latency.  Contact iPrimus on 1300 85 11 85 to see if this is possible for your connection.  However it is important to note that this is not possible for all connections, and may result in a less-stable connection overall.