BPay View

Instead of receiving your bill in the mail, you can also receive your bill electronically. Currently this is possible with BPAY View™ and will soon also be available through this website.

There are 4 simple steps required to start using BPAY View to receive your Primus Bills:

  1. Register the Primus bill from the available biller list.
  2. With the next billing cycle, your first summary bill will be sent to your Internet banking site.
  3. Your financial institution will notify you when your first summary bill is waiting. Just click on the summary bill to access the detailed bill. You can pay the bill with BPAY or any of the other Primus payment options.

Your financial institution must be participating in BPAY View. Check www.bpay.com.au for BPAY View™ participating institutions. BPAY ® and BPAY View™ are trade marks of BPAY Pty Ltd.

BPAY View™ Frequently Asked Questions

Your Internet banking site will notify you when the bills you've chosen to receive via BPAY View have arrived. Depending on the financial institution, you will receive either an online message or an e-mail

Your Primus summary bill includes key information that you would normally receive in a paper bill, including your customer reference number, the amount due and the due date of payment. Your summary bill will also contain a link to the detailed bill.

The detailed bill contains the information you would get on your current paper bill.

BPAY View™ example

Fees are a matter for each financial institution. You should contact your financial institution to check if any fees apply. Primus does not charge to use this service.

Yes. You can choose to use any payment method listed here (also shown on your detailed bill).

If you have any enquiries or wish to dispute a bill, you should contact our Customer Service Department.

If you have an enquiry about a BPAY payment, you should contact your financial institution

Once your electronic bill commences your paper bill will no longer be sent.

The minimum requirement is that a summary bill will be accessible at your Internet banking site at least until the next summary bill arrives. Some Internet banking sites will continue to make the summary bill available after that date, allowing you to keep a record of your bills. The detailed bill is required to be available until the next bill arrives.

If you wish, more than one person may register for BPAY View individually at their own Internet banking site and view your Primus bill. There are no additional charges from Primus for this.

Just follow the instructions at your Internet banking site to cancel or stop receiving a BPAY View bill. Once this is processed your future bills will be sent by mail.