Acceptable forms of Identification

Proof of Identification is required to proceed with mobile handset orders in some cases. You will be notified by SMS & Email if this applies to you.

If this does apply to you please send in 100 points of Identification as per the below table, quoting your Shopping Cart number or Customer Number to –

Category 1PointsNotes
Australian Driver’s License 75 Must be current
Australian Learners Permit 75 Must be current
Australian Passport 75 Must be current or expired no longer than 2 years ago
Category 2PointsNotes
Keypass 45 Must be current
Medicare Card 45 Must be current
Pension Card 25 Must be current
Rates Notice 25 Current with Signature pages
Tenancy Agreement 25 Current
Tertiary Student Card 25 No more than 90 days old
Utility Bill 25 No more than 90 days old
*Note: One form of ID from each category must be provided