What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an exciting technology that is changing the way people talk. Not only does it have the ability to slash your phone bills, but also streamline your communications all by simply using a high speed internet connection. Here you can discover how VoIP works and what you need to get it at your place!

VoIP Explained

In the most simple of terms, VoIP uses an internet connection to deliver voice communications over digital networks instead of the traditional copper wiring provided by phone companies. How VoIP works is this; “packets” of data (the voice signals) that include the caller’s and receiver’s IP addresses are passed back and forth at exceptionally high speeds to allow for a free flowing conversation. These data “packets” provide the ability to hold far much more information than ever before. Essentially, this technology along with faster broadband speeds is the reason as to why VoIP is becoming increasingly popular in the home and business.

Benefits of VoIP

The main advantage of choosing to use a VoIP service is the cost; being set up for this type of voice communication can significantly lower the price of calling friends and family, especially if you happen to do so on a regular basis.

What You'll Need to make VoIP Calls

There are probably a few questions you’re asking yourself like “What is a VoIP phone?”, “How can I get VoIP?”, “What are the costs associated with VoIP?” and “How long does it take to get VoIP set up?” To make things really easy, we’ve answered those questions for you:

  • What is a VoIP phone?

    A VoIP phone looks no different to a regular home phone except that it is set up to transfer digital signals via an internet connection, rather than through your regular landline phone plug.

  • How can I get VoIP?

    Easy! Just click here to find the best deals on our great Lingo VoIP packages. Don’t worry if you don’t have a VoIP phone as we’ll send you a Lingo box to connect your broadband and regular home phone to.

  • What are the costs associated with VoIP?

    Once you have signed up to one of our great Lingo VoIP packages, the calling costs and monthly service fees are far lower than many other regular landline options. To find out more, simply click here.

  • How long does it take to get VoIP set up?

    With iPrimus’s Lingo VoIP service, once you have your Lingo box, it really is just a matter of plugging it in and dialling friends and family!