International Calls

International calls are made easy with iPrimus. With competitive international call rates for calls to fixed line phones and mobile phones overseas, it’s easy to keep in touch with loved ones.



Available on selected home phone plans, you can nominate the country you make most of your international calls to and receive a special low rate to that country. If at any time you would like to change your Name-a-Nation country you can, simply by calling iPrimus Customer Service.


Also available on selected home phone plans, with Desti-Nation, you can make international calls to friends and family in several countries and save! So, instead of choosing just one country, you are able to nominate one of four set packages and receive our fantastic Name-a-Nation international call rates to every country in that plan.
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½Hour Cap

The ½hour Cap is the maximum cost of a 30 minute call to the nominated Name-a-Nation country or countries included in the nominated Desti-Nation package. Calls to these countries are charged at the Name-a-Nation or Desti-Nation rate until the total charge (including flagfall) reaches the Cap. After 30 minutes, the call is again charged at the Name-a-Nation or Desti-Nation rate.

PassPort Easy

We have created International Call rates which offer great value, to let you stay in touch with friends and loved ones overseas. For a monthly fee of $5 you get access to these fantastic rates, which will then be available on your home phone service. For detailed pricing please visit our Passport Easy page

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Desti-Nation Packages

Choose from one of the four Desti-Nation packages when you take a selected home phone plan from iPrimus and enjoy international call savings to all of the countries listed in the pack:

Desti-Nation 1Desti-Nation 2Desti-Nation 3Desti-Nation 4
UK 0.176 UK 0.176 UK 0.176 UK 0.176
USA 0.176 USA 0.176 USA 0.176 USA 0.176
Canada 0.176 China 0.539 NZ 0.176 Germany 0.286
NZ 0.176 Hong Kong 0.286 Ireland 0.176 India 1.034
Greece 0.429 Malaysia 0.462 Canada 0.176 Philippines 0.638
Italy 0.308 Singapore 0.396 Japan 0.330