South Brisbane

Welcome to all you need to know about the fibre optic upgrade of South Brisbane. This website will be regularly updated - so make sure you return on a regular basis.

As the South Brisbane telephone exchange is being closed to make space for the new Queensland Children's Hospital, we are replacing the area's existing copper wire network with high-speed fibre optic cables. This includes cable broadband.

Over the next 18 months, high speed broadband and telephone services delivered over optical fibre will be deployed across the South Brisbane exchange area.

Due to the planned demolition of the South Brisbane exchange broadband and telephone services delivered over copper will be phased out by December 2012.


Existing customers in the South Brisbane coverage area may have already received advice from Telstra about the copper to fibre migration process. The migration will be undertaken across 17 defined areas over the course of the next 18 months. This coverage is available as a guide to the affected areas; and we will be contacting customers in areas 1, 2 & 3 shortly.

Services Available

- The new network delivers ultra fast broadband in a range of line interface speeds and monthly quotas

- Fixed line telephone services are also available, and it is a condition that a basic telephone service is obtained in conjunction with the broadband service

The process of moving from copper to fibre is simplified if you have your phone and broadband service with iPrimus prior to the migration date!

South Brisbane Network Upgrade

Telstra has agreed to sell the site of the South Brisbane exchange building to the Queensland Government to allow for the construction of a new children’s hospital.

We will therefore be undertaking a network upgrade in the South Brisbane exchange service area by replacing the copper network with an optical fibre based ‘Fibre to the Premises’ (FTTP) network.

Areas affected

The South Brisbane exchange area partially covers the Brisbane suburbs of South Brisbane, Highgate Hill, West End, Dutton Park and Fairfield.

What is Optical Fibre?

An optical fibre is a thin glass or plastic strand that carries light along its length.

How will I benefit?

It's safe

Optical fibre cables don't carry electricity and don't conduct lightning, so they can be a lot safer than electrical cables.

It supports a wide range of applications

Unlike copper wire, optical fibre services support a wide range of applications - including telephony and high-speed broadband. That's why fibre makes it easier for several people in one home or business to be doing multiple things simultaneously.

It's fast

Optical fibre is capable of transmitting information at high speeds - much faster than the broadband speeds many Australians currently experience on copper wire.

It's reliable

Fibre optic is more resilient to signal loss or interference than copper wire. Unlike ADSL broadband services, where transmission speeds decline the further away from the exchange you are and can't transmit beyond about 5km, optical fibre can maintain performance over distances up to 20km.

It's a solution for now and the future

Optical fibre provides great performance and features for today's communication needs. In the future, it can readily be upgraded by swapping the equipment at either end of the cable without needing to replace the optical fibre cables. A network of fibre optic cables will give the South Brisbane area appropriate infrastructure to support future communication needs.

How will I benefit?

The new fibre network will deliver access to high-speed telecommunications for your premises, including fixed phone services and super-fast broadband.

How will it happen?

If you are receiving services over the Telstra copper network, regardless of which service provider you are with, your home or business premises will need to be upgraded to the new fibre network to continue receiving fixed phone, fixed line data and broadband services. Telstra BigPond cable broadband services will also be upgraded to the new network. This upgrade will not affect mobile services, Foxtel Pay TV services or services provided over alternative networks (such as cable) by other service providers.

The upgrade is a three stage process. We'll:

- upgrade the existing street infrastructure from copper wire to fibre.

- prepare the external cabling at your premises for fibre connection.

- make individual appointments to connect your internal cabling to the fibre connection - including any fixed phone and ADSL/cable broadband services.

What do I need to do?

Nothing yet. iPrimus will contact you to explain the nature of the changes and when they will happen.

This website should supply you with all the information you need but if you'd like to speak to someone directly just call us on 131789.