NBN - The National Broadband Network

iPrimus has partnered with NBN Co to provide Fibre to the Home services across Australia, while we have also partnered with selected Greenfield fibre providers in new housing developments that have been created without the old copper based networks. NBN and other Fibre to the Home providers are building the networks in these areas.

Please view our plans.

You can also register your interest before the NBN arrives in your area with iPrimus!

Broadband Internet Features

Fibre optic internet speeds: Ultra-fast Broadband speeds do not diminish the further you are from the telephone exchange, unlike ADSL and ADSL2+ Broadband

Future proof: Fibre to the Home is the broadband service for the next generation.
Always on: Access the internet when you want, without waiting.
Support: Access to iPrimus’ call centre if you need assistance.
Share your Internet: iPrimus offers fantastic value wireless routers for your new service

Telephony Features

Bring your old number: With iPrimus you can usually bring your old phone number to your new service!
Calling Number display and Voicemail are included at no charge with every service!
Pay the same rate for calls to landlines all across Australia, now every standard landline in Australia is a local call – many of our plans include local calls as part of the monthly access fee!
If you prefer to make mobile calls from your land line – check out our fantastic value Primus Max plans, with included mobile calls!


Ultra-fast speeds:

  • Stream more, interact more, game more and download more!
  • Ultra-fast speeds available in more places right now, at great prices!
  • Great value calls around Australia with our Fibre Voice plans.
  • Music, photos and movies now take seconds instead of minutes or hours to download or upload.
  • Be among the first in Australia to experience the new way the Internet will be delivered to your home!
  • Share your connection with multiple computers in your home, wirelessly!

Be the first to experience the future

Below are a selection of videos from NBNco, explaining the National Broadband Network. These videos have been produced to give you more information about the NBN rollout across the country. Check back here for updates as more videos are released that help to explain the NBN, and the changes it will bring to the ways you communicate.