Value Add Mobile Services

Primus Mobile offers a range of value add mobile phone services to help you manage your calls and ensure you experience the best your mobile service has to offer.

Surfing the Internet, taking and sending photos, text messaging and voicemail are just a few of the mobile phone services offered by Primus Mobile.


Caller ID

Caller ID is a free service that displays incoming phone numbers on your mobile phone as it rings. It will also display your mobile number to outbound parties you are calling.

Providing the other party also has a similar service activated on their phone, no limitations exist in regards to passing Caller ID numbers across all Australian carrier networks. Restrictions will apply to Roaming or International calls.

  • To block Caller ID on a call-by-call basis, dial 1831 before the number you are calling.
  • To remove Caller ID permanently from your service, call customer service on 1300 85 85 85.

Call Barring

Specific call barring restrictions can be activated directly through your handset or via network settings upon request to Primus.

Refer to your handset's manual for instructions on your handset's call barring capabilities. Alternatively, you can contact customer service on 1300 85 85 85 to discuss available network options.

Call Hold / Wait

Call Hold / Wait alerts you if there is another caller trying to get through while you are on a call. If you are waiting for an important call, you can put your first caller on hold, take the second call, then return to the first.

This service also allows you to make a second call, whilst your first caller is on hold. It does not however, allow you to speak to both parties at the same time.

  • To activate Call Hold / Wait, dial *43# SEND
  • To deactivate Call Hold / Wait, dial #43# SEND

Instructions for using this service may vary for different handsets. Please refer to your handset's manual for further information.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding (sometimes referred to as Call Divert) allows you to divert incoming voice and data calls to another number in Australia or overseas. It also enables the use of messaging services such as Voicemail and SurePage. Call Forwarding will not divert SMS.

There are several diversion codes to choose from, all of which can be set through your mobile handset.

Call Diversion Codes:
61 No Answer Forwards calls after a set period of ringing
62 Unreachable Forwards calls when your phone is off or out of range
67 Busy Forwards calls when your phone is engaged
21 Unconditional Forward all calls (except SMS)
004 No Answer, Unreachable, Busy Actions all 3 call diversions with one code, generally used to set up messaging services such as VoiceMail or SurePage
  • To activate, dial * [Call Diversion Code] * [Diversion Number] # SEND
  • To cancel, dial # [Call Diversion Code] # SEND

The 'Diversion Number' must include applicable International Access Code, Country Code, Area Code and Phone Number you wish to divert to.

  • To forward calls to Voicemail, the national Diversion Number is: 321
  • To forward calls to SurePage, the national Diversion Number is: 456

Extended Ring Time

Frustrated with calls diverting before you have the chance to answer? Simply extend the ring time directly from your handset for up to 30 seconds on a 'No Answer' diversion.

To re-set your handset's ring time (in intervals of 5 seconds), dial:
*61* [Area Code/Phone Number you want to divert to] **[Number of Seconds] # SEND


Pause a second or two before pressing the second [*] key. If this key is pressed twice too quickly, the key defaults to a [+].



Voicemail is a network answering service that will allow callers to hear your personalised greeting and leave a message for you when your phone is switched off, busy, your battery's flat, you're out of range or you just don't feel like taking a call.

Setting up your Mailbox:

The first time you access your Voicemail service a voice tutorial will guide you on how to set up your mailbox. It will assist you to:

  1. Set up your PIN number

    Your PIN helps keep messages secure and will allow you to access them from a phone other than your mobile. Your default PIN is the last 4 digits of you mobile number. This can be changed at any time and can consist of 4 - 9 digits.

  2. Record your name

    This is important as it identifies your Voicemail service to callers leaving a message.

  3. Record your personal greeting

    Your greeting is what callers will hear when they reach your mailbox. It can be anything you want callers to hear and can be changed at any time.

Once your mailbox is set up, you can change your settings at any time by pressing 8 for User Options and following the menu prompts. Please refer to Call Forwarding for instructions on activating and deactivating call diversions to Voicemail.

Accessing your messages:

  • From your mobile handset, dial 321 and follow the menu prompts.
  • From a phone other than your mobile handset or whilst overseas, dial 0411 000 321 and follow the menu prompts.

Note: If you are checking your messages whilst overseas, dial +61 411 000 321 and follow the menu prompts.

Voicemail Shortcuts & Hints:

To save time, you can select these options whilst listening to the message.

To go to the start of the NEXT MESSAGE
To go to the END of current message
To REPLAY the previous message
To RETURN the call
To TRANSFER the message
To DELETE the message
To REPLAY the message
To SAVE the message
To return to the MAIN MENU

Missed Call Service

Missed Call Service is a simple messaging solution that directs callers to a short announcement and enables them to leave a return contact number, if you are not in a position to take the call. The caller's number will be sent to you in an SMS, with a summary of the time, date, and number of times they have called. Delivery of this SMS is free.

To activate or deactivate Missed Call Service:

  • Dial 159 from your mobile and follow the prompts, or
  • SMS the words 'ON' or 'OFF' to 159.

Sure Page

SurePage provides a professional message solution by diverting missed or unanswered calls to an operator who will answer the call with your own personalised greeting. The operator will take a message on your behalf and forward it to you via an SMS (up to 160 characters).

Once your SurePage service has been activated by Primus, you can change your call diversion settings at any time. Please refer to Call Forwarding for instructions on activating and deactivating call diversions to SurePage.

SMS - Text Messaging

SMS is a text messaging solution that is convenient and easy to use when you are in a noisy location, need to be discreet in a meeting, or just want to have fun and send a simple note.

Most mobile handsets vary in key and menu functionality, so please refer to your handset manual for detailed user information. Your manual will also confirm whether your handset is SMS capable. Generally, you can follow these simple steps to send and receive a message:

To send an SMS:

  • Scroll through your mobile phone's menu, select MESSAGES, then WRITE or SEND MESSAGE, and then TEXT MESSAGE.
  • Type your message using your phone keypad.
  • Send the message by selecting SEND or OPTIONS, and then SEND.
  • At this stage you will be required to enter the recipient's phone number or SEARCH your handset's phonebook to select one.
  • Press OK or SEND, and a delivery status notification will appear on your handset's screen.

To send an International SMS, ensure you place the '0011' with a '+' by pressing the asterix [*] key twice, in quick succession. Then enter the Country Code and Mobile Number, remembering to omit the first digit of the mobile number.

To read an SMS:

  • From your mobile phone's menu, select the Envelope Symbol or MESSAGES, then INBOX or READ MESSAGES.
  • Select the message and scroll past the call time and date to read the message content.
  • To reply, use the menu options on your screen.
  • To go back to your usual display, press END or follow the menu options on your screen.

It may be necessary to delete messages and clear your phone's memory to receive new messages.

MMS - Photo Messaging

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) allows users, with an MMS compatible handset, to send and receive messages with text, sound, photos, animated images, and short video.

To send an MMS, users must have GPRS and the appropriate MMS settings activated on their mobile service.

If the recipient of an MMS does not have a MMS compatible handset, they will receive an SMS message with details of a web address where they can view the content of the message online.



124YES is a useful directory service that will search and connect you to most publicly listed phone numbers in Australia.

WAP & Wireless Internet


Wireless Application Protocol gives mobile users the ability to browse WAP enabled websites from a compatible mobile handset. WAP access is available through either Circuit Switched Data or General Packet Radio Service.

If using 'WAP CSD', you are charged for the amount of time you spend browsing, much like a dial-up Internet connection. 'WAP GPRS' charges apply to the volume of data that is actually transferred.

Wireless Internet

Using the GPRS network, Wireless Internet delivers high-speed data transfer between the Internet and wireless devices, using a mobile handset as a modem.

For information on how to activate mobile data services and our associated charges, please contact customer service on 1300 85 85 85.

Push To Talk

Push to Talk allows users with a compatible handset to instantaneously talk to a group of other PTT users simultaneously. Simply pre-set your group of PTT contacts and at the push of a button use your mobile phone to communicate like a 'walkie-talkie'.

Before you register, ensure you have a compatible PTT handset and GPRS is activated on your mobile service.

Register by SMS:

  • Send an SMS to 8888 containing "PTT" and your postcode eg. PTT 3000

Once you have registered:

  1. You will receive a PIN via SMS. Record this for step 2.
  2. Soon after receiving your PIN, you will receive an OTAP setting. You will need the PIN from step 1 to save the OTAP to your handset.
  3. Now activate your new PTT settings. These settings should be selected above any already existing in the handset.

Change / create your nickname, set-up a group, and you're ready to PTT!

International Calls and Premium Services

Just as you would from a landline service, you can call overseas numbers directly (International Direct Dial) from your Primus mobile service. International calls, made from within Australia, are charged a flagfall and call rate specific to the country you are calling.

Access to make International Calls also gives you access to call Premium Services. Premium Services are charged at higher rates than normal calls and include numbers such as 19x competitions and voting hotlines.

Primus strongly advises you to read our Premium Services Information brochure for important information on these services and associated charges.

International Calls and Premium Service access is not automatically available upon connection of y our mobile service. Please contact customer service to discuss your eligibility to use this service.

Dialling an International number:

[+] [Country Code] [Local Area Code] [Local Phone Number] SEND

  • When dialling an international mobile number or the Local Area Code of a landline phone number, you must drop the first [0] of the number you are calling.
  • [+] is dialled by pressing the [*] (asterisk) key twice, without pausing. [+] will automatically dial the international access code 0011.

International Roaming

Primus does not currently offer a mobile International Roaming service, which means you cannot use your mobile phone to make or receive calls while you are travelling outside of Australia.

Optus Zoo

Either directly from a compatible mobile phone or online, Primus offers mobile customers a range of content services via Optus Zoo. From Ringtones, Games, and Music to News Stories, Sports Updates and Live TV, there is so much to see and do with Optus Zoo.

To access Optus Zoo content services,

From your mobile:

Enter Optus Zoo through the web option on you compatible mobile handset.

Or visit online:

Click here: Optus Zoo